Saturday, September 19, 2009

Know the details of ur phone by entering the IMEI of ur phone.

Gives you purchasing month and model number.

How To Disable Annoying UAC Confirmation in Vista.

Are u in the ones who dislike being tortured by VISTA UAC (User Account Control) every time when you install a program or something like this in the picture?

If yes, then it would be an great idea to disable it?

1. First WINDOWS+R button, it opens RUN dialog box

2. Type MSCONFIG and hit ENTER.

3. Go to TOOLS tab.

4. Select the toolname DISABLE UAC.

5. Now click on LAUNCH.

6. Close the command promt window and msconfig window

7. Now UAC will not disturb you.

8. You can also revert the changes by using ENABLE UAC command in MSCONFIG.

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